Screamin’ Deal


Crafting some of the smartest and most diverse indie rock this side of the internet, Screamin’ Deal is a Canadian indie rock band based in Ontario.

Founded in late 2017, the band features Giles Collins (drums), Paul Lahey (voice, rhythm guitar), Kirill Maximov (guitars, piano), andMatthew Shepherd (bass, keyboards).

Though its sound is difficult to pin down, the quartet’s mishmash of nervy indie rock and lush pop sprinkled with post-punk influences shaped its debut album, “ That Ain’t No Screamin’ Deal ” (released March 2018).

Refining its raw sound, Screamin’ Deal’s second album, ” Neato Mosquito! ” (released October 2018) serves up 15 songs of distinctive post-punk pop delicacies derived from the darker corners of the alt-rock universe.

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